Warehousing, Logistics Services & Customs Clearance

IFB as an independent company of our size have the capacity to devote special attention to details and to offer flexible tailor-made programs for logistics fulfillment and distribution of goods. In addition, we offer ancillary services as bar-coding, sampling, quality control, pre-shipment estimating, banking, and documentation.

IFB’s activities and services in Europe and in China are now in logistics and “just in time” distribution for wholesalers and big European-wide retailing groups. IFB own and rent its own facilities in Hamburg, Paris, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Shanghai; in other locations in China and in Europe we work together with trusted operators.

IFB offer a wide range of logistics services, as per clients needs.

  • 1. Warehousing/storage
  • 2. Cargo consolidation
  • 3. Pick and Pack
  • 4. Bar-coding
  • 5. Repacking
  • 6. Cargo assembly
  • 7. Cargo repair
  • 8. Quality control
  • 9. Distribution

IFB offer customs clearance services for import shipments arriving from all countries. Our services are designed to provide importers with fast, reliable and cost-effective ways to import their goods based on local customised requirements.

Our customs clearance staff members are experts in local specifications, conditions and regulations. The company is capable of handling complete administration tasks for its customers, in order to save them considerable time and cost.

IFB also ensure the appropriate documentation, with the complete importing and exporting procedures if required, to prevent clearance delays.