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IFB Poland was established in 2010 with its headquarters located in the heart of the city of Poland. We are specialised in transportations by sea and air to and from the Far East. After 25 years of presence in Europe, we are now a major partner of the main airlines and shipping lines involved in this trade.

We provide a wide scope of customized services as below:


  • Export and import consolidations
  • Door to door service with our own fleet of vehicles
  • Fixed allotments


  • N.V.O.C.C (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier)
  • Specialized in LCL to and from the Far East by buyers' and regular consolidation services (weekly service from our partner offices in the Far East to Germany)
  • Network of agents and partners throughout the world

Logistics for Domestic and European Transport

  • Door to door deliveries, collections and distribution
  • Global logistics warehousing for bonded and un-bonded cargo
  • Preparation of orders such as controlling, sampling, and labelling
  • Live/real time status reports through direct links, or via terminal stock management

Customs clearance

  • Relevant customs' guarantees in place at all main customs
  • Temporary import and export of goods
  • Arranging required import licences and documents


IFB Poland website:


IFB International Freightbridge (Poland) Sp. z. o.o.
Head Office
Postepu 15 C, 02 - 676 Warsaw, Poland
Tel: (48) 22 381 60 16   Fax: (48) 22 381 60 01


Gdynia Office
Ul. Czechoslowacka 3, 81 - 336 Gdynia, Poland
Tel: (48) 58 621 37 77   Fax: (48) 58 621 37 80


Gliwice Office
ul. Zygmunta Starego 11A, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland
Tel: (48) 512 059 395   


Wroclaw Office
ul. Rdestowa 5, 54-530 Wroclaw, Poland
Tel: (48) 71 349 77 56   Fax: (48) 71 349 77 87